Kinima Movie Theatre

Collaboration with Kinima Movie Theatrekinima theatre

13th September 2014 at The Cinema Museum: 2 Dugard Way, SE 11 4TH.

“We are happy to welcome Jelena Elena Bubon for her first appearance and collaboration with Kinima.

Jelena is a versatile professional dancer, choreographer, dance teacher and instructor. She was born in Estonia where she started her career in the dance field.

She took part in different dance, theatre, music and film projects locally and internationally. Her dance styles varies on Ballroom, Latin, Ballet, Jazz, Folk, Commercial, Cabaret, Salsa, Show, Latin, Contemporary and more!

Elena is one of the founders of Dance Spirit company, which provides entertainment and educational activities in a variety styles of dance. Check out more of her work on

We cannot wait to see her on stage tonight at The Cinema Museum Seeing you later.”

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